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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What do I need to know about this website and the SportsEngine registration platform?


A1.  We hope you enjoy our improved website!  Along with this SportsEngine platform, we have a new registration portal that will require you to set up a new account and player information.  All information you saved as part of our old website will not carry over to this new platform.


Additionally, SportsEngine offers a mobile app which coaches may use to manage team schedules, etc.  To learn more about how to manage your account and download the app, visit the Using SportsEngine page.


Q2. What level of play should I register to play my player play in?


A2. This is probably the question we get asked the most. We have tried to explain this as best we can on our Levels of Play page and the grid on our home page. We suggest you follow that for guidance, but know that your player's ability / skill level should be the overriding factor in determining what level of softball that player participates in. For the 2023 season, the league suggests that most returning players play at the same level as they registered for in 2022, unless the player has aged up and/or developed the skills necessary to play at the next level.


Q3. Is Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League only for girls on one side of the lake or the other?


A3. No, Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League is a community program open to all players residing or going to school in Lake Oswego and extends to residents of West Linn and some of Stafford - SEE BOUNDARY MAP. Additionally, players outside our boundary map may be allowed to play in our league (pending District 4 waiver approval).


Q4. What do my registration fees cover?


A4. Lake Oswego Girls Softball is a 501c3 non profit organization. Registration fees cover: 

  • Little League International registration fees
  • Insurance
  • Field maintenance
  • Team equipment (e.g. catchers gear)
  • Other operational expenses
  • City field use fees (varies for LO residents vs. non-residents and is added separately from registration fees)

Q5. Why are uniforms no longer included as part of registration?


A5. For the 2023 season, we have switched vendors to GearUp which allows families to order uniforms directly (which helps with sizing, returns, etc.). As a result, fees have been lowered for 2023.  Uniform ordering will take place in late-February once team rosters are confirmed. Families will be required to order the jersey and socks and will have the option to purchase navy softball pants (but can also get these from another source).  


Player equipment (glove, shoes, batting helmet, bat, and Rip-It face protector) is the responsibility of parent/guardian.  The league will provide mandatory catchers gear for all teams.


Q6. Where are games played and how much travel is involved?


A6. Games are played in the following locations:

  • Home games in Lake Oswego: LO Jr. High, Lakeridge Middle School, Lake Grove Elementary and possibly Lakeridge High School
  • Away games in surrounding Oregon District 4 softball leagues, which include: Tualatin, Tigard, South Beaverton, Willow Creek, SW Portland, Forest Grove, Banks and potentially Tillamook
  • Typically only our Majors and Juniors teams play at the further destinations such as Banks and Tillamook. For the lower levels (T-Ball thru AAA), District 4 makes every effort to schedule games with nearby leagues, however exceptions may apply depending on number of overall teams in the mix.
  • Only the Majors level is required to play all teams from other District 4 leagues.

Q7. Is Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League different than the Lake Oswego Softball Renegades program?


A7. Yes. Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League is a sanctioned Little League organization. We are a community program catering to all girls interested in softball between the ages of 5 and 14. We play teams within the LOGSLL program as well as other leagues within Oregon District 4. All girls who can safely participate on the field will be welcomed into the program.


The Lake Oswego Renegades program provides competitive "club" softball that participates in softball tournaments throughout the year. Renegades teams are limited and all girls must tryout for a team. More information can be found on the Lake Oswego Renegades website.



Q8. What qualifications are needed to coach?


A8. It depends on the level of play, but for the most part, all you need is a bit of patience and desire to be out on the field having fun and working with the kids. The league will provide some guidance on how to run a practice, some basic drills to run, and key fundamentals to teach. At the lower levels, the girls need energy, enthusiasm and guidance. As the girls improve and skills develop, a better understanding of the game is suggested.


All coaches and volunteers must complete an online background check and concussion training.


Q9. Can I continue to coach as my player moves up to different levels?


A9. Yes, all you need to do is commit to attending coaches clinics and watch, listen and learn from the more experienced coaches in our league. Using the league open gym in the winter and playing fall ball are great ways to further your skills and the skills of your players.


Q10. Are there opportunities to further enhance training for interested players and coaches?


A10. Throughout the year there are many independent clinics and training camps held in the area. Lake Oswego Softball will make every effort to seek out and provide this information to its players and coaches. Check the website for frequent updates.

Lake Oswego Girls Softball Boundary Map