Lake Oswego Girls Softball Assocation

Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why did Lake Oswego Girls Softball change over to Little League?

A) Primarily for more stability and improvements in structure and organization for our program, and ultimately to provide a better experience for you, our families and girls who want to enjoy a quality softball experience like you deserve. The change also includes some exciting postseason All-Star opportunities and a chance to play in the Girls Little League World Series. If you've never been up to Alpenrose for that event, we highly recommend it.

Q) Is Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League only for girls on one side of the lake or the other?

A) No. Lake Oswego Girls Softball Little League is our city wide community program open to all girls residing or going to school in town.

Q) What league should I register to play my daughter play in?

A) This is probably the question we get asked the most. We have tried to explain this as best we can in our Levels of Play overview and the grid on our home page. Suggest you follow that for guidance, but know that your daughter's ability / skill level should be the overriding factor in determining what level of softball that player participates in

Q) What comes with my uniform?

A) Your uniform comes with a Jersey and softball Pants. You will be able to keep these items after the season is over.


Q) What qualifications are needed to coach?

A) It depends on the level of play, but for the most part, all you need is a bit of patience and desire to be out on the field having fun and working with the kids. The league will provide some guidance on how to run a practice, some basic drills to run, and key fundamentals to teach. As the girls improve and skills develop, a better understanding of the game is suggested.

Q) Can I continue to coach as my child moves up?

A)Yes, all you need to do is commit to attending coaches clinics and watch, listen and learn from the more experienced coaches in our league. Using the league open gym in the winter and playing fall ball are great ways to further your skills and the skills of your players.


Q. Are there opportunities to further enhance training for interested players and coaches?

A) Throughout the year there are many independent clinics and training camps held in the area. Lake Oswego Softball will make every effort to seek out and provide this information to its players and coaches. Check the website for frequent updates.